I’m Peaches’ sister.
I’m taking control of this About page.
If you’re reading this page you’re probably looking for answers to the

1. Is Peaches a real person? 
Yes. She’s real. (Sometimes “real” annoying...bah-dum-dum. I’m here all week. Sorry. Did I mention I’m her much older, lamer sister?)

2. Is she just trying to sell me crap? 
No. (In fact, she may save you money. Gifts and celebrations that are more thoughtful, unique don’t need to cost a lot of money. Sometimes they cost almost nothing but to the recipient they are priceless.)

3. Why should I care what she has to say? 
Oh man. So many reasons:

  • She’s smart.
  • She’s seen and experienced many unique things.
  • She’s a Type A Creative. (I made this term up to describe her.) She approaches creative projects with a carefully constructed plan. She finishes what she starts.
  • She is, hands down, the most tenacious researcher I know.
  • She has been the giver and receiver of many amazing gifts and has learned that love is in the details. When it comes to memorable gifts and celebrations it really is the thought that counts.
  • Her interests are vast. Her current obsessions are sprinkles, pinatas, bats, The Office, the My Favorite Murder podcast.

4. What the hell does “Cake & Penny” mean? Did it come from a Random Blog Name Generator? 
Haha good one. Cake and Penny refers to a birthday cake tradition that goes back in our family at least four generations.

The Cake: white cake, candied walnut filling, fluffy pink frosting.

The Penny: before serving a penny was hidden inside the cake. Whoever found the penny won a prize.

Peaches chose this cake as her logo because it has special meaning for her and represents the ideal gift.

This cake makes you feel:
1) special - someone cared enough to take time, energy to make
2) connected -  In this case to family history and birthdays past
3) unique - this is “our” special thing